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The idea for Wild-Side started with Spooky.  This black phase high content wolfdog was the first "wild" animal at Wild-Side.  Soon came lynxes, bobcats, silver foxes, more wolfdogs, and a few other types of "wild" animals.

Pilot Peak Wild-Side Rescue and Rehab is a USDA and state-licensed facility in Wendover on the Nevada/Utah border.  In the past we have been involved with breeding Saint Bernards, High Content Wolfdogs, Silver Foxes, Lynxes, Bobcats, Desert Lynxes, and Chausies.  We have switched our focus to education and establishing a safe haven for wildlife. We will continue to be involved with rescue and rehabilitation when called upon to do so.  For further information on why we discontinued breeding pets for sale please click here.

We are currently developing Pilot Peak Wildlife Park, near West Wendover, Nevada, on 300 acres nestled at the base of the Toana Mountain Range looking across Pilot Creek Valley at Pilot Peak and the base of the Bonneville Salt Flats through Leppy Pass.  Although the wildlife park is the home of many different species of wildlife; we will continue to specialize in exotic canines and exotic felines.

Please visit our "For Adoption" page to see if we have any foster animals that are looking for great homes.  We will also post information when we hear of animals (domestic and exotic) that are in need a new home.  Please visit our other pages to learn about Spooky’s friends and to stay updated on our current projects.


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Deeanna Croasmun 775-408-0011 (cell)

USDA Licensed Exhibitor

State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator (Utah) 



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